Projektet 6GTandem kommer att utveckla framtida lösningar för 6G-nätverk. Två frekvensområden kommer att kombineras i ”tandem”. I kombination med ett distribuerat massiv MIMO system möjliggör detta ultra-hög täckningskapacitet och avlastning av det lägre frekvensområdet. Den nya tekniken öppnar också för bättre positionering i områden med hög aktivitet och bättre upplösning i nätverkets avkänning. Erik G. Larsson, forskare vid Linköpings universitet och ledare för Security Link:s fokusområde Säker och robust trådlös kommunikation, deltar i projektet.

Läs mer om projektet i den engelskspråkiga sammanfattningen:

6GTandem: A Dual-frequency Distributed MIMO Approach for Future 6G Applications

The 6GTandem project will demonstrate ultra-high-capacity coverage, off-load of lower frequency bands and new services such as sub-cm resolution sensing and positioning in high traffic areas by adding sub-THz carriers to lower frequency bands in a seamless, tightly coordinated fashion. The two frequency bands will form a network collaborating and supporting each other in a “tandem” configuration enabling an introduction of high capacity, energy efficient, sub-THz enabled services, while mitigating known drawbacks of the sub-THz frequency bands such as susceptibility to line-of-sight blockage, coverage, and cost. Deployment will be addressed through the introduction of a thin and light dielectric waveguide to distribute a sub-THz RF signal through a daisy chain of integrated low-power antenna units, referred to as a “radio stripe”.

6Gtandem will demonstrate the use of lower, sub-10 GHz frequency bands to support the sub-THz band with resilience and coverage and the implementation of a distributed MIMO system to extend the coverage of the sub-THz band as well as offering capacities in the order of Tbps system throughput. 6GTandem will demonstrate the possibility to implement local fronthaul solutions for added sub-10GHz access points using the high bandwidth of sub-THz radio stripes.

Key elements

  • A system defining an ‘aligned tandem’ dual-frequency distributed MIMO architecture
  • Medium-aware waveforms, transmission schemes and communication strategies for energy-efficient operation and development of cross-layer solutions to offer required service levels on the novel dual-frequency infrastructure
  • Novel, “radio stripe” hardware including transceivers at 130GHz-175GHz, packaging, integration, and plastic waveguide for a low- cost, easy-deployable sub-THz infrastructure
  • Conception of a combined low-frequency and sub-THz distributed MIMO system supporting joint high-resolution sensing, high- accuracy positioning, and high-resilience and reliability communication.

Linköping University is one of the partners in the 6GTandem project. For more information, please contact Erik G. Larsson.